804 New Holland Ave
Lancaster Pa. 17602
(717) 396-7766

Kauffman Physical Therapy is a unique therapist-owned, outpatient physical therapy practice. Founder Tim Kauffman and his staff are deeply committed to meeting the rehabilitation needs of each patient.

Therapists and staff at Kauffman Physical Therapy share a vision that all patients, regardless of age or condition, deserve the best possible physical therapy care.

Our motto is "Keeping You On The Move".

To reach the goal of Keeping You On The Move, our mission can be summarized by the following goals:

• Deliver urgent and immediate care for patients with acute conditions
• Provide quick access to care for patients who request appointments
• Treat each patient's injury or condition successfully.
• Improve each patient's quality of life, one step at a time.
• Provide the best possible, compassionate care to ALL patients.
• Utilize research evidence to guide patient evaluation and care.
• Implement comprehensive, individualized therapy that enables patients to reach their goals, decrease pain, increase strength, restore mobility, improve function and prevent re-injury.
• Give each patient personalized care with an emphasis on patient education
• Empower each patient to manage their conditions and to maintain as much function as possible
• Provide care in a positive, professional and caring atmosphere.