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Concussions are injuries to the brain due to an impact to the head. This can occur in a wide variety of activities and especially in contact sports. There are various degrees of concussions ranging from mild to severe. In the mild concussion, the individual may feel dazed and have no loss of consciousness. A more severe concussion will cause prolonged loss of consciousness and delay into normalcy may take days or even weeks. The symptoms of concussion are very clear if there is a loss of consciousness. But, they may present with confusion, headache, nausea, vomiting, or blurred vision. Additionally, there may be a loss of short term memory and some change in cognitive ability such as orientation or perseveration.

Presently there is a new multi-disciplinary approach to evaluating concussions which includes assessment of clinical signs, neuropsychological evaluation, and postural stability.

Kauffman Physical Therapy has Lancaster County's only Smart Balance Master‚ equipped with the Headshake Sensory Test. They also use the Sensory Organization Test and the Clinical Test on Sensory Integration of Balance. These are important ways to evaluate the central nervous system‚ ability to integrate and organize sensory information with a variety of balance challenge activities.

Beth Kauffman is a physical therapist as well as an athletic trainer. She has studied concussions both on the field and off. Beth notes that with the changing perspective in the individualized evaluation of persons with concussions, there is now legislation pending in Harrisburg.

Previously Kauffman Physical Therapy had conducted free concussion screening programs for local athletes. This is presently in abeyance until the law is clarified. However, should someone suffer a concussion, the Smart Balance Master‚ can help to evaluate the severity and the recovery. Hopefully in the future, we will be able to screen athletes before injury.

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