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Osteoporosis Treatment

The proper treatment of osteoporosis includes exercise but some exercises increase the risk for fractures. Thus, it is crucial that the wrong exercises are not performed. Certain yoga moves are great but some are dangerous. Learn the difference.

One of the causes of death after an osteoporotic fracture is compromised respiratory capacity. In our center breathing function is measured and breathing exercises are taught.

Postures and movement patterns in our daily living may increase the risk for fractures. Learn safe lifting and bending motions.

The first osteoporotic fracture yields a significant increased risk of new fractures by up to 5 times more likely. Exercise, proper body mechanics, good breathing techniques and reduce falls risk are taught and practiced in our center.

Exercise can increase bone mineral density but it takes a long time (6-12 months) but balance retraining and improved breathing can occur within a few weeks.

Also, exercise is very beneficial for children and teens because their bones are still growing and proper exercise enhances the bone growth. Ask us about what works.

The US Surgeon General and the National Osteoporosis Foundation recommend exercise as an important component of attaining good bone health. We agree with the research that supports this recommendation. Learn the correct exercises.

See our information about “direct access”. Most medical insurance companies will cover this treatment.