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Aquatic Therapy

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Kauffman Physical Therapy has its own specialized, heated therapeutic pool for aquatic physical therapy. It is ideal for persons with a variety of conditions because water provides buoyancy that allows patients to exercise and move with decreased pain and without the stress of gravity. Water also provides hydrostatic pressure that alleviates pain and swelling.

Some of the most frequently treated conditions include arthritis, low back pain and especially post surgical care, joint replacements, neurological impairments, sport-related injuries, balance and movement disorders and other post-operative rehabilitation.

The heated therapeutic pool features special current-producing jets for resistance strengthening and fitness exercises. The whirlpool jets improve circulation and promote relaxation. For most patients, the course of aquatic therapy begins in the pool and progresses to activities out of the water. Aquatic therapy is individually designed for each patient's special needs and therapeutic goals. Even patients who can't swim can benefit from these invaluable sessions. Only one patient is permitted in the pool at a time and has the therapist's undivided attention.