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  • I wanted to take a minute to comment on how much my husband and I appreciate all that your practice has done ...and continue to do... for our daughter. You and all of the staff at Kauffman Physical Therapy have really made a difference in her life! In addition to having a medical condition, my daughter deals with mental health issues. Most days are a struggle for her because of this combination. Her daily regimen is difficult but she works diligently to follow it every day. Her days and her life are not easy. People are not always kind or patient to her..even those working in the mental health field. At Kaufman Physical Therapy, all of the staff seem to 'go above and beyond' to reach out to her. The physical therapy, aquatic therapy and strength training have been so beneficial for her. The personalized, compassionate care that all of your staff have given her has been healing. The kindness, patience, understanding and special attention you have shown her has made a very positive difference in her life.
    With deep appreciation, WG, a patient's mother
  • BACK PROBLEM, yes…..been there done that! After having pulled my back playing soccer and sleeping on the floor for several days in complete agony, a doctor’s visit was necessary. My local GP recommended a local specialist, after suggesting surgery maybe needed. The specialist reconfirmed surgery was needed. A friend told me to go for a 2nd opinion and recommended Tim Kauffman a physical therapist in Lancaster PA. After 2-3 weeks of rehab I was walking again, it took me a year (of exercise and work); but, the end result was I am playing soccer again and I did not need surgery. That was 10 years ago..... My simple advice THERAPY, THERAPY, THERAPY with Kauffman Physical Therapy. I appreciate and will always be grateful for the physical therapy team’s help in putting me back together again.
    David Adamson, Lancaster, PA
  • The therapy I received for my legs has been wonderful. I was using a cane, now I walk without it. The exercises and care have helped me physically and mentally. The best thing is I have no pain in my leg any longer.
    Lois Sheaffer, Lancaster
  • The day I arrived at Kauffman Physical Therapy, I could not move my neck due to a fall at my job. With the therapy sessions I got at Kauffman's, I can once again move my neck with little to almost no pain. I also suffered balance issues. Kauffman therapists helped the balance issues improve. The care I received there has been handled in the most professional manner from every member of the staff. I recommend Kauffman Physical Therapy to people if they mention they are looking for a good therapist.
    Hector Ruiz Delagado, Lancaster
  • Eight sessions of supervised Physical Therapy at KPT accompanied by my doing the prescribed home exercise routine have brought strengthening to my legs and ankles. Stair climbing is now done with ease. An unexpected benefit is an improvement in balance.
    Dan Fritsch, Lancaster
  • For anyone with MS, physical therapy at KPT works!! Tuesday was a bad day for me but they still had me work, but took it easy and made me feel better. The therapists read the patients very well. Doing my exercise at home is also important. Everyone at KPT is patient focused, even the receptionist and the administrative staff.
    Mary Baldwin, Lancaster
  • I have never been in any doctor's office that had the quality of care and kindness as the Kauffman Physical Therapy office. I would recommend Kaufman Physical Therapy to anyone who needs PT. They are the best...
    Sarah Madonna, Lancaster
  • Tim Kauffman and his staff are the most qualified people we've ever worked with. I am recovering from a serious and painful shoulder injury. Tim has worked with me patiently and relentlessly to restore use of my right arm/shoulder. His knowledge of the body and how it works, and what it needs to recover are exceptional. His caring is beyond comparison, as well as his entire staff. My husband has also greatly benefitted from the Physical therapy he's received at Kauffman PT -- Because of his diligence to the exercises he's learned, he's maintained his mobility in spite of parkinsons and other conditions -- in fact, that's where I first met Tim, addressing the Lancaster Parkinsons Support Group maybe 5 or more years ago.
    Evelyn Epstein
  • I currently drive a long distance to go to Kauffman Therapy because it is such an exceptional practice that truly cares about each individual person! Many years ago I became wheelchair bound with no hope for ever walking again. My therapist of 10 months had given up on me. Then someone recommended Tim Kauffman who took on my challenging injuries and skillfully worked with me until I was able to walk again! Tim Kauffman is an awesome therapist who has the knowledge and skill to deal with the most difficult cases. Recently I was involved in a head on collision sustaining numerous injuries requiring physical therapy. Tim Kauffman's name immediately came to my mind as an outstanding therapist who would patiently and skillfully work with me through my injuries. I am again making good progress under the care and dedication of Kauffman Therapy. Tim Kauffman is very knowledgeable and stands out as an expert in his field! It's easy to see his heart is in his work and he puts himself in his patient's shoes. Tim Kauffman is a dedicated hard working therapist who not only has expertise and skill but also has compassion and flexibility. Everyone in his office is very friendly. It's a great facility! Mr. Kauffman is an A+ therapist and I give his practice a 5 star rating!
    Lynn D.
  • Over the last 15 or so years, I have taken medical doctors’ prescriptions to Kauffman Physical Therapy authorizing therapeutic treatment for a broken ankle, a sprained leg and back muscles as well as a pinched nerve in neck and shoulders. The results in all cases have been excellent and the improvements have been measured from base lines and have been told to me as well as related back to the authorizing physician. The staff therapists are all trained, certified, experienced and coordinated. Their treatment has been personal, professional, pleasant and caring. They strive to make their patients comfortable in their well-equipped facility. Privacy is respected yet there is a feeling of family that is felt throughout the treat facility. William M. Sloyer Lancaster, PA
    William M. Sloyer, Lancaster, PA
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